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Torrance Stephens – Two Poems

Fort Nashborough, TN

November 3, 2002

I’m on an
Aggressive defoliation plan,
Scorch and burn.
When you see the truth
(Ain’t no time to waste)—
Gotta have all my attention
Directed pursuant to you,
So all free space
Will be erased.


She is Silk

In my dreams she walks
Slippery with nectar.
She splits open and takes me
In her prominence.
She is silk.

Her fragrance is ambience,
A seaside siesta,
Waiting on planets to listen.
That’s what happens
When one is close
To what royalty
Must feel like.

The way I start to bubble
Like a pulse
Swiftly assessed
Six feet above ground,
Seeing timeless elegance.
This uncluttered appeal
Sizzling in flavor.
She is silk.


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