Michael Evan Parker: “Old Woman Sweeping”

Southern Legitimacy Statement:

Raised and fed by a Southern lady from Chattanooga, who taught me good eating and good manners.

When I die and go to heaven, I’m praying the heavenly banquet will include:

Fried Livermush
Pintos (with pork in them)
Green beans (with pork in them)
Collards (with pork in them)
Corn bread (with pork cracklins in it)

If there is no livermush or pigs in heaven, then–if I have my ‘druthers–I reckon I’ll have to stay right here in North Carolina.

Old Woman Sweeping

the old barefoot woman sweeps
with tiny strokes
of her tattered broom

dustclouds swirl
about her weathered feet

rising mist at the mountain face
is not more august
than this