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Rudy Ravindra :: GPS Lady

Southern Legitimacy Statement: What makes me a real Southerner? I don’t eat corn on the cob, it gets into my teeth, and takes forever to floss it out. I don’t like grits, too runny. I don’t speak like no Southerner from Aberdeen, MS (My ex-mother-in-law’s hometown, she was a cotton picker and a snuff pincher, god bless her soul).

Oh, well, I give up. I am a Southerner because I lived and continue to live in the good ole South.

Dexter Gore : A Rare Commodity

I am Dexter Gore, son to a potbellied-father, who is son to a one-eyed, tobacco-rollin carpenter who fished the outbreaks of North Carolina. I was born and raised in Aynor, South Carolina, a small town with two stop lights, a gas station, and a church just a piece up the road from the liquor store. I have moved and now live in Norfolk, Virginia. There is no sweet tea. There is no chicken bog or backbone and rice. And the people here don’t say “Bless your heart,” “Yes ma’am,” and “No ma’am.” They prefer, “I feel sorry for you.” At least that’s what people tell me when I share that I’m from South Carolina.

Ted Harrison : A Family Event

Statement of Legitimacy:
Having been born to the daughter of a subsistence farmer, marrying into farming families and living in one Southern state all my life- so far—I can hope I have been weighed and found whole in the D. O. S. (Department of Southerness). (Some say long sentences are a Southern trait—I won’t argue with that.) While I never pulled tobacco, I have picked cotton. While I never won a dancing contest, I have shagged at the Pad in O. D. For much of my life I have known the difference in the two Southern Beaufort cities. And I remember when Wake Forest University was Wake Forest College in Wake Forest, N. C. and not Winston Salem, N. C. Let this attest to my Southerness. Thank you.

Ellen Perry : I Wonder

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Mom from Colbert, Georgia, where the Confederate monument has yet to be defaced. Dad from Johnson City, Tennessee. Born in Weaverville, North Carolina, where I still live today. 40 years old and still in Weaverville! Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Scott Rooker : Dentists Abroad

SLS Statement:
Growing up I remember my mom saying that we couldn’t get tornados in North Carolina. ‘It was too hilly here’ she said. It seemed plausible.
Then one a day a huge tornado came through Raleigh and destroyed the Kmart.

Travis Turner : Chimney Sweeps

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Son of Alabama’s Black Belt. English/Literature/Writing Instructor. Lover of black cats, good bourbon & better storytelling.

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