Charles Hassell : Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Born in NC, raised in NC, livin’ in NC. Reckon I’ll die here. Daddy’s from down east, Momma’s from Georgia, and I live and die by slow cooked pork and greasy collardRead more

Ray Whitaker : Poetry!

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SOUTHERN LEGITIMACY STATEMENT- Been living in North Carolina regular-like some forty years now, and was in-and-outta ‘here all my life before that. I have always thought of myself as a citizen of the world, howeverRead more

Alexander Payne Morgan : Poetry!

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SOUTHERN LEGITIMACY: I was born in Savannah and lived all my life in Georgia until I graduated from the University of Georgia. My mother was born in Paducah, Kentucky, and her mother in a villageRead more

Allison Chestnut : Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Born in Florida, I received my first round of higher education at the last state supported nunnery: Mississippi University for Women, where I majored in music, theater and religion: like all professionalRead more

Norvin Dickerson: Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was conceived on a houseboat on the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina and was born in Monroe, North Carolina first year of the Baby Boomers. I got my undergraduate degreeRead more

Jimmie Ware: Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I love magnolia trees and the scent of pine. My favorite aunt is name is Nellie Bee. I made mud pies in red dirt. I was born in Grove Hill and it holdsRead more

May Jordan : Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I went through the Marine Corps boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina in 1969. I married a Texan from Brownsville, and you cannot get much further south than that. We had aRead more

Robert Klein Engler : Poetry!

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NIGHT TRAIN TO BENARES when the oily skinned boy offers me some nuts from the bowl he covers with his headband I have to take them like it or not he is thankful but can’tRead more

Carol Poster : Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement : Not a dead mule, but is a dead mule deer close enough? Shapes of Dust Through breaks in the billowing dirt road dust, a shape ahead appears a fallen girl, knees bent,Read more

Eve Lyons: A Poem

Southern Legitimacy Statement:  I am, as always, a born in New Orleans, raised in South Texas woman. Currently living in Boston. Southern Comfort is a Dangerous Thing “It is a sad time for the heart.” –Read more

Pris Campbell: A Prose Poem Memoir

My Southern Statement  I was born in South Carolina where I loved to snack on barbecue sandwiches with cold slaw on top and fried green tomatoes. My great grandfather fought in the War Between theRead more

Tom Sheehan: A Poem

My legitimacy statement says, “I have appeared in your magazine, have read and vacationed in NC, and once worked in Tennessee.” Cold Night’s Dark Advances And always it is this Gift-giver, this woman from midnight’sRead more

Pepper Smith: Other People’s Brights

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: First off, my name is Pepper. Nuff said. Secondly, I’m from Mississippi. But to continue… in the summers I would visit my Mamaw who made “sun tea” by putting a jar with filledRead more

Barbara Conrad: Fish Camp, Indian River 1956

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I swear on a stack of Bibles I’m from the south. To be specific, I’m a Tarheel born and a Tarheel bred and when I die I’ll be a Tarheel dead. IRead more

Brenda Butka: April, Taylor Hollow

Southern Legitimacy Statement: So. My husband once bought four hams from a man in Kentucky who can no longer enter his hams in the State Fair because no one else can win. Husband sold oneRead more

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