Christopher Forrest: Bullet Holes and Grief (a poem)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Vanceboro tobacco made it possible for me to internet you these poems. So cheers to generations that burned trash, gave scraps to dogs, sang Friday night gospel at Dudley’s Crossroads, and myRead more

Tom Sheehan: Two Poems

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I have read, visited in NC and worked in Tennessee. Ed. note: Mr. Sheehan is a frequent Mule contributor and one of our favorite writers. Please welcome him back to the Mule forRead more

Clint Bowman: Poetry

Growing up in the rural outskirts of High Point in the Piedmont of North Carolina, Clint Bowman spent much of his time in the outdoors finding inspiration in the wilderness that surrounded his childhood home.Read more

Alexandra Melnick: Those Killed in Mississippi

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born in South Florida, against my better judgement. I then fled to Jackson, MS and am now settling in the Delta, where we may not have many chain banks butRead more

Adreyo Sen: Poetry

The following is my Southern Legitimacy Statement: I just loved “Gone With the Wind.” For the longest time, I wanted to be Melanie. Now, I am inching towards Scarlett. The Knowable On quiet streets BarelyRead more

Tim Mattamoe: Poetry

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I live in quiet retirement in Chatham County, the gem of the Carolina Central Piedmont. I once taught history in Beaufort County, the pearl of the Carolina Coastal Plain. I am AmericanRead more

Kathryn Stripling Byer: Three Poems from 2007

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Kathryn Stripling Byer has not forgotten her southern roots. True, she was North Carolina’s Poet Laureate in 2007. True, she has received accolades and praise. True, she is very, very busy. But when the MuleRead more

Patrick Metoyer: Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement river town sleepy town cajuncreole spicy foods filé gumbo sultry air pop guns china berry trees joie de vivre laissez bon temps rouler Amen Bless, O Lord, this food we eat Fiber,Read more

Charles Hassell : Poetry!

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Born in NC, raised in NC, livin’ in NC. Reckon I’ll die here. Daddy’s from down east, Momma’s from Georgia, and I live and die by slow cooked pork and greasy collardRead more

Ray Whitaker : Poetry!

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SOUTHERN LEGITIMACY STATEMENT- Been living in North Carolina regular-like some forty years now, and was in-and-outta ‘here all my life before that. I have always thought of myself as a citizen of the world, howeverRead more

Alexander Payne Morgan : Poetry!

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SOUTHERN LEGITIMACY: I was born in Savannah and lived all my life in Georgia until I graduated from the University of Georgia. My mother was born in Paducah, Kentucky, and her mother in a villageRead more

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