CL Bledsoe: Going to Jackson

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Going to Jackson We left Sara standing outside a gas station in Jackson, Mississippi, waiting for her Mom, who lived just down the street.   “You better go before she sees you,” Sara said, huggingRead more

Bobby Wilson: Greens

Southern Legitimacy Statement: My father calls it Lou-Z-anna, Winnfield to be exact. Home of Huey Long and two other governors. The shotgun house he grew up in still stands. Greens On Saturday we go toRead more

Rob O’Hara: A Mouthful of Eel

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I spent the first half of my life trying to get out of this state and, after moving to the northwest for a couple ofRead more

Bill Prince: Why Dogs Don’t Live Longer

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Earnest and I were bird hunting around the back cornfield near the property line a the dairy we were hunting, when Joe, Earnest’s pointer spooked up a bunch of buzzards. Didn’t know theRead more

CL Bledsoe: Rice Fields

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CL Bledsoe is the Assistant Editor of the Dead Mule. This essay is part of his ongoing series of memoirs — published bi-monthly here on the Mule. Rice Fields Timmy wanted to see this girl. HeRead more

CL Bledsoe: Feeding the Fish

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Another in our Series of Memoirs by Mule editor CL Bledsoe. Read on, my mule readers … read on. Feeding the Fish My Dad woke up, and woke me, before the sun, which is somethingRead more

Tom Sheehan: The Day I Grew Up

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 Southern Legitimacy Statement:  I have appeared in your publication, spent a recent vacation in NC, read in NC, worked in Tennessee for a short time. The Day I Grew Up I was fighting it all theRead more

Eve Lyons: Don’t Mess With Texas

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Eve’s poetry can be found here on the Dead Mule. Don’t Mess With Texas In sixth grade I started middle school.  I was terrified to goRead more

CL Bledsoe: Waiting for the Miracle

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Another in our bi-weekly Series of Memoirs from Mule editor CL Bledsoe. His southern bona fides run deep, just read on… Waiting for the Miracle My home town was like this: (                                                                              ). Wynne hadRead more

CL Bledsoe: Three Stories about Hamlin, Arkansas

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: CL Bledsoe grew up on a rice, cattle, and catfish farm in eastern Arkansas. He had a redbone hound named Red and a cat named Dog. He lives in northern Virginia withRead more

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