C.L. Bledsoe: Sorry You Are Not an Instant Winner (chapbook review)

sorry you are not an instant winner, by Doritt Carroll. Kattywompus Press, 2017. $12. Reviewed by CL Bledsoe   The poems in Carroll’s chapbook are stripped-down narratives, eschewing punctuation or capitalization, in a style somewhatRead more

Claire Fullerton: “One Good Mama Bone” (book discussion)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Being from Memphis, Tennessee, I am an avid reader of Southern writers. Pat Conroy, Anne Rivers Siddons, Donna Tartt, and Ron Rash are among my favorites; all tell a tale in incomparableRead more

The Place of Peace and Crickets

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coming soon, a discussion of Tricia Booker’s memoir “The Place of Peace and Crickets: how adoption, heartache, and love built a family” This here is a placeholder, kinda’ like a literary napkin ring, letting y’allRead more

CL Bledsoe: Book Reviews –The Art of Dissolving and Rocket Children

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The Art of Dissolving, by Donald Illich. (Georgetown, KT: Finishing Line Press, 2016. 28 Pp. $14.99, paperback) Rocket Children, by Donald Illich. (Bamboo Creek Press, 2012. 38 Pp. paperback) I don’t remember the first timeRead more

Phillip Thompson: Outside the Law (a book discussion)

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Phillip Thompson’s latest thriller, Outside the Law, would/should/will attract a vast array of readers.  There are those who enjoy the thriller genre, of course. But Thompson’s book will also garner appreciation from those who loveRead more

Phillip Thompson on Writing

The Dead Mule spoke with Mule writer and author Phillip Thompson after reading his latest thriller Outside the Law, released this month (Feb 2017) by Brash-Books.com. A review of Outside the Law is included inRead more

Tim Bullard: 1998 Interview with Charlie Daniels

From the Archives, look at what we found from Fall 1998! CHARLIE DANIELS Interview by Tim Bullard TIM: Could you tell me about the Dew Drop Inn? CHARLIE DANIELS: Well, I know there are severalRead more

Valerie MacEwan: Matthew Rose and “The Letters”

Recasting the throw-aways and detritus, the overheard and misspelled, the artist has fashioned a large expository drama that serves as fragmented window into our collective Zeitgeist. Sex, love, death, politics, aesthetics and the muddled semiotics of our age all find a place in this body of work and beckon the viewer to read, decipher and unravel. The pieces in The Letters resonate with an enigmatic poetic presence. The result is a significant body of work by an important American artist…Read more

Phillip Thompson: A Novel “Deep Blood”

Review copies arrive on a semi-daily basis here on Brown St. This month brought quite a few volumes of teen fiction and those were passed on to willing recipients. Then there were the two novelsRead more

An Interview with Dayne Sherman

by Thomas Scott McKenzie *from Summer 2007 Dayne Sherman is writer both dedicated and determined. A former high-school dropout, he began writing fiction in the spring of 1996. In a little more than three years,Read more

“Eating the Heart First” by Clare Martin * A Review by Helen Losse

“The narrative thread in these autobiographical and personal poems wanders out and about and then circles back upon itself as Martin relies on the Louisiana terrain for her dark settings and deep images.”Read more

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