Carolyn Flynn : Improvising

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: My Southern Legitimacy Statement: I am a native-born Kentuckian with a journalism degree from the University of Kentucky and quite a few past newspaper lives in the Bluegrass State and one in Mississippi,Read more

Dale Wisely: Dead Bulls

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Dale Wisely grew up in rural Arkansas. His father didn’t speak much, but Dale remembers these two things his father said: (1) Son, your oil is the lifeblood of anything mechanical and (2)Read more

CL Bledsoe: Going to Jackson

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Going to Jackson We left Sara standing outside a gas station in Jackson, Mississippi, waiting for her Mom, who lived just down the street.   “You better go before she sees you,” Sara said, huggingRead more

Audrey Wick: Blown

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SLS: I am Texas born/raised and can write as well as I can two-step. But weddings can make my stomach sick, just like my main character in “Blown.” Blown Weddings always made my stomach sick.Read more

Bobby Wilson: Greens

Southern Legitimacy Statement: My father calls it Lou-Z-anna, Winnfield to be exact. Home of Huey Long and two other governors. The shotgun house he grew up in still stands. Greens On Saturday we go toRead more

Claire Fullerton: Perfect Circle

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Claire Fullerton is from Memphis, Tennessee, which immediately brings to mind the Mississippi River; the bridge that hovers over it on its way to Arkansas in the graceful shape of the letterRead more

Stephen Harris: Stronger Than Breath

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Stephen Harris is from Cayce, SC and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. He eats a biscuit for breakfast every Friday because he used to eat a biscuit for breakfast everyday. He justRead more

Rob O’Hara: A Mouthful of Eel

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I spent the first half of my life trying to get out of this state and, after moving to the northwest for a couple ofRead more

Nathan Leslie: Until Further Notice

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I have lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia since 2002. Until Further Notice I can keep a secret.  I always could.  So when IBC approached me about running the motel, I jumped onRead more

Bill Prince: Why Dogs Don’t Live Longer

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Earnest and I were bird hunting around the back cornfield near the property line a the dairy we were hunting, when Joe, Earnest’s pointer spooked up a bunch of buzzards. Didn’t know theRead more

CL Bledsoe: Rice Fields

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CL Bledsoe is the Assistant Editor of the Dead Mule. This essay is part of his ongoing series of memoirs — published bi-monthly here on the Mule. Rice Fields Timmy wanted to see this girl. HeRead more

James A. Autrey: The Lord’s Work

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and due to the divorce of my parents, went back and forth between there and Benton County, Mississippi which, at the time, was the 36th poorest countyRead more

Stephen Harris: Stronger than Breath

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Southern Legitimacy Statement:  Stephen Harris is from Cayce, SC and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. He eats a biscuit for breakfast every Friday because he used to eat a biscuit for breakfast everyday. He justRead more

Carroll Leggett: sis claire

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: To start with, I can’t find your so-called “Southern Legitimacy Statement” on this website, so you can just kiss my old southern ass if you don’t think I am southern enough for you.Read more

Nelson Lowhim: Journal of the Dead

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Writer and veteran. Born in Africa, currently live in Washington State. Oh, it doesn’t really end there, but that should be good for now. Since some people tend to ask: yes I served in the US Army. I like to think that my writing has been influenced by… no, no, I won’t go there. I read and I write. What else to say? Enjoy.Read more

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