Josh Patrick Sheridan: Pride (a short story)

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I’m born and raised in Lewisburg, a small West Virginia town a heavy stone’s throw from the southern border with Virginia. I went to elementary school with a drawl and to highRead more

Nelson Lowhim: The Artist

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Was in the south when in the Army. Good times. Or not. Here’s a piece about the scars some carry along with their long and sordid history. The Artist I once knew aRead more

Mamie Pound: Man in Blue, a short story

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Mamie Pound lives in Columbus, Georgia. Man in Blue She was in the garden, a hoe in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other, a wool sweater over her nightgown.Read more

Joey Holland: When a Ten Cent Cigar Cost a Dime and a Quaalude Cost Three Bucks

Southern Legitimacy Statement: My family never hid our crazy folks; they generally sat on the front porch and enjoyed the breeze just like the family who weren’t crazy. Come to think of it, we allRead more

Alan Good: Paris (When I Die) a short story

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I grew up in southwest Missouri. My parents were divorced, and they both lived in trailers. That’s not so much a Southern thing as an economic one. I never really thought of myselfRead more

Aimee Keeble: Red Dog, a short story

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Growing up in Florida during the war with Iraq I saw the resulting effects ravage a generation of young men with all good intentions. Red Dog Mama cracked an egg and I fellRead more

Walter B. Thompson: Death and Christmas, a short story

Southern Legitimacy Statement I was born and raised in Nashville. My mother’s people come from Shelbyville, Tennessee, where the pencil factories are. My father was born in Columbia, Mississippi, just like Walter Payton. His mother,Read more

Peter Stavros: Smoke, a short story

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Although a Northerner by birth (NYC), I was raised in Eastern Kentucky where my family returned after Dad was done working for J. Edgar and the Feds. I attended college in North CarolinaRead more

Carolyn Flynn : Improvising

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: My Southern Legitimacy Statement: I am a native-born Kentuckian with a journalism degree from the University of Kentucky and quite a few past newspaper lives in the Bluegrass State and one in Mississippi,Read more

Dale Wisely: Dead Bulls

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Dale Wisely grew up in rural Arkansas. His father didn’t speak much, but Dale remembers these two things his father said: (1) Son, your oil is the lifeblood of anything mechanical and (2)Read more

CL Bledsoe: Going to Jackson

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Going to Jackson We left Sara standing outside a gas station in Jackson, Mississippi, waiting for her Mom, who lived just down the street.   “You better go before she sees you,” Sara said, huggingRead more

Audrey Wick: Blown

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SLS: I am Texas born/raised and can write as well as I can two-step. But weddings can make my stomach sick, just like my main character in “Blown.” Blown Weddings always made my stomach sick.Read more

Bobby Wilson: Greens

Southern Legitimacy Statement: My father calls it Lou-Z-anna, Winnfield to be exact. Home of Huey Long and two other governors. The shotgun house he grew up in still stands. Greens On Saturday we go toRead more

Claire Fullerton: Perfect Circle

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Claire Fullerton is from Memphis, Tennessee, which immediately brings to mind the Mississippi River; the bridge that hovers over it on its way to Arkansas in the graceful shape of the letterRead more

Stephen Harris: Stronger Than Breath

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Stephen Harris is from Cayce, SC and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. He eats a biscuit for breakfast every Friday because he used to eat a biscuit for breakfast everyday. He justRead more

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