Helen Wurthmann: Not Funny Ha-Ha (fiction)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in Missouri, whose Southern statehood led to the civil war, regardless of whether or not modern Missourians consider themselves Southerners. Missouri and I are the middle children ofRead more

Anne Anthony: Music As Her Refuge (Fiction)

Southern Legitimacy Statement Anne Anthony lives in North Carolina though when she engages you in conversation it’s clear she was born above the Mason-Dixon Line. Still, if she’s reading you her stories, sometimes her voiceRead more

Neva Bryan: Sparks and Vinegar (Short Fiction)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Kentucky-born and Virginia-raised, I am the daughter and granddaughter of coal miners. As a child, I played in the woods every summer day, caught lightning bugs in jars at night, and made lunchRead more

Christopher Allen: Father-Son Activity (short fiction)

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My Southern Legitimacy Statement:  I was raised “in town,” which means Nashville, but my mother’s family comes from Bell Buckle, which is near Hatchet Holler where my mother was born (she says “borned”) in aRead more

Ted Harrison: Pop and Water Oaks (short fiction)

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MY SOUTHERN LEGITIMACY STATEMENT I am a born and bred North Carolinian.  My life has included having my pictured made with Al “Lash” LaRue at the State Theatre in Salisbury.  I met Andy Griffith and evenRead more

Rick Hoffman: Be Good for Goodness’ Sake (short fiction)

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I am a transplanted person. I live in the Northeast, but I was raised in Mississippi and Louisiana, and I visit the South Carolina Lowcountry twice a year. I cannot quit theRead more

Carrie Martin: Tuesday Afternoon (short fiction)

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in TN, but have made the Southern circuit. I currently reside in Greenville, SC. Tuesday Afternoon “We gotta git the house ready for visitors,” she stated, matterRead more

Cormac McShane: Ruin (short fiction)

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: My Southern-ness is complex, and split between pride and shame. My mother is from Virginia, and a descendant of the Prestons who came over in the early eighteenth-century. Smithfield Plantation near BlacksburgRead more

Cecil Geary: Bicycle Paths (short fiction)

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Southern Legitimacy Statement:  I was raised in central Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southern California. My relatives first came to Kentucky from Virginia in 1800. I usually write humorous stories about the folks I knew inRead more

Josh Patrick Sheridan: Pride (a short story)

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I’m born and raised in Lewisburg, a small West Virginia town a heavy stone’s throw from the southern border with Virginia. I went to elementary school with a drawl and to highRead more

Nelson Lowhim: The Artist

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Was in the south when in the Army. Good times. Or not. Here’s a piece about the scars some carry along with their long and sordid history. The Artist I once knew aRead more

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