Phillip Thompson: Outside the Law (a book discussion)

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Phillip Thompson’s latest thriller, Outside the Law, would/should/will attract a vast array of readers.  There are those who enjoy the thriller genre, of course. But Thompson’s book will also garner appreciation from those who loveRead more

Phillip Thompson on Writing

The Dead Mule spoke with Mule writer and author Phillip Thompson after reading his latest thriller Outside the Law, released this month (Feb 2017) by A review of Outside the Law is included inRead more

Terry Barr: Fit-Pitching in the Age of Trump

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: As a boy raised in Alabama, I was raised to believe that all people were equal, that George Wallace was a lunatic, that Alabama football should always best Auburn football, and thatRead more

Tim Bullard: 1998 Interview with Charlie Daniels

From the Archives, look at what we found from Fall 1998! CHARLIE DANIELS Interview by Tim Bullard TIM: Could you tell me about the Dew Drop Inn? CHARLIE DANIELS: Well, I know there are severalRead more

CL Bledsoe: Feeding the Fish

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Another in our Series of Memoirs by Mule editor CL Bledsoe. Read on, my mule readers … read on. Feeding the Fish My Dad woke up, and woke me, before the sun, which is somethingRead more

Tom Sheehan: The Day I Grew Up

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 Southern Legitimacy Statement:  I have appeared in your publication, spent a recent vacation in NC, read in NC, worked in Tennessee for a short time. The Day I Grew Up I was fighting it all theRead more

Eve Lyons: Don’t Mess With Texas

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Eve’s poetry can be found here on the Dead Mule. Don’t Mess With Texas In sixth grade I started middle school.  I was terrified to goRead more

CL Bledsoe: Waiting for the Miracle

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Another in our bi-weekly Series of Memoirs from Mule editor CL Bledsoe. His southern bona fides run deep, just read on… Waiting for the Miracle My home town was like this: (                                                                              ). Wynne hadRead more

Claire Fullerton: Whistlin’ Dixie

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Southern Legitimacy Statement I come from Memphis. I claim ownership to her nuances, which I wear like a badge of honor. And it’s not so much that I come from Memphis as I come fromRead more

Michelle Brooks: All Women Are Bunnies

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: As for my southern legitimacy statement, here it goes. I grew up in Mineral Wells, Texas where my mother sold rattlesnakes that had been frozen and subsequently fashioned into paperweights. Nothing could put a smile on her face like a big bag of vipers! Also, my aunt and uncle were first cousins, something I was not supposed to mention even though it was not an uncommon occurrence in my hometown. I have more southern legitimacy, but I’ll stop for now.Read more

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