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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Editor of online literary journal featuring southern writing since 1996. I have 2 yard dogs and one indoor dog. My Mama made a fresh pitcher of sweet tea every day of the week and two pitchers on Sundays. She, too, ate her cornbread with milk.

Mule Website Update:
We’ve added a drop down * SECTIONS * menu at the top of the site to help those who read from any device other than a complete computer / laptop. I noticed that readers had to scroll forever to get to the meat of the directories on the site so we also limited the # of posts to 5 instead of 12 or 13 like we usually have. Hope this clears up some of the reading problems people have had. If you read from a hand-held device, you’ll get what I’m referring to… otherwise, don’t worry your pretty little heads about it if you read from your computer.

And to our contributors! Thank you for sending in such wonderful work. You completely amaze me with your talent and your dedication to the craft. Thanks again.

And thanks to Assistant Editor CL Bledsoe for all his hard work. The Mule would truly cease to function without his careful attention.

-Valerie MacEwan

Summer Issue Sizzles with Great Writing

Well, how cliche’ can we be— sizzling summer issue?

We’ve many a good piece hidden here on the July-August Dead Mule issue. Our writing covers the gamut of emotions– offering you some everything from great memoirs to astounding fiction to poignant poetry.

Meander through this respite from mundane summer reading. Take your time to read it all. Swim through the rivers of thought and wade through the finest short fiction the internet can provide. Yeah, we’re talking to you, internet, we boast of the best and we mean it.

See ya’ in the funny papers,

Valerie MacEwan

CL Bledsoe

March 2017, Slow Cooking Issue

Submittable currently warns us of server issues so we are slow to load but ready for March. Should be around 18 new pieces online within the next few days…

Some Dale Wisely, a bit of Carolyn Flynn, Tom Sheehan, Claire Fullerton, Nelson Lowhim, Tony Mancus, Aimee Keeble, and Alan Good along with Joey Holland, Luisa Reyes, Eve Lyons, Peter Stavros, Ben Thompson

But wait!

There’s More!

Andy Fogle, Josh Patrick Sheridan, Norvin Dickerson, Allison Chestnut, Alex Morgan, Carol Poster, Raymond Whittaker, May Jordan, Meg Stivison and and last but not least: Robert Klein Engler.

So it’s easy to see how great the March issue is going to be. Should be up and running on March 4th at the latest.

We are nothing if not for our readers and writers! Thank yall, ya’ll, y’all for coming by and spending some time with us. Read on, dear ones.

Memoirs on the Dead Mule

The Dead Mule speaks in many voices. Mule Essays lead the mind into myriad swamps of distant memories or new ideas covered in eloquent jargon and folksy rough and rowdy ways. We’ve decided to feature Memoirs as a stand-alone section and we’re always looking for new voices. Send us your thoughts, your memories, your narratives (see synonyms below), your autobiographies — what it was to be you, what it is to be you … we’re reading and we’re forever listening. We have recently been apprised of an organization for you, the Memoirist.
CL Bledsoe and I (Valerie MacEwan) hope to engage the reader with tales of our own past as well as publishing the memoirs of other Mule writers. We’re starting off the Memoir Series with three short pieces by Bledsoe about growing up in eastern Arkansas. Oddly enough, fate would have it that I too grew up in Arkansas, on the western edge. We sure are partial to Arkansas memories but any well-written memoir will be read with the same amount of interest and due diligence. Fear not! We are the fairest editors in the land. Send us your poor words, your huddling clauses yearning to be free
Submit Here.


We suggest you review the website and perhaps, join the Association of Personal Historians. (I did.) Kinda’ cool, eh? Hone your skills on the Dead Mule — submit something today, go to the submissions page for more information.

 Send us your memories.


plural noun: memoirs
  1. 1.
    a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources.
    “in 1924 she published a short memoir of her husband”
  2. 2.
    an essay on a learned subject.
    dead mule