Welcome to April!

This issue is slam-packed with reading goodness. Short stories, poems, long memoirs, Helen Losse’s chapbook and so much more. We hope you’ll  spend a great big hunk of quality time perusing all we have to offer. It’s going to be a long read month with over 20 new pieces loading here a piece at a time and that’s no April Fool’s joke.

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature strives to deliver the finest in fiction, poetry, memoirs and essays every month. We’ve been doing that very thing for over 20 years, consistently, online and we’re pretty skippy proud of our accomplishment. Wow, since 1996, imagine that…

We encourage writers to submit and be sure to include their Southern Legitimacy Statement with every submission. We feel the SLS provides readers with a unique look at the southern/made-to-be southern mind functions in today’s world. You don’t have to be southern to submit to the Dead Mule but you have to create a relationship with us, that’s the soul and essence of the SLS. You will enjoy reading the Southern Legitimacy Statements as much as we do. That’s why the statement is included with each piece of writing.

With all that said, and believe me, there’s so much more I could say but won’t, I hereby offer you The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature’s April 2018 edition. Sit back and put your feet up, grab a glass of sweet tea or better yet, get out yesterday’s corn bread and mix it with some good buttermilk, and read on.

We love our readers and we appreciate our writers. Thanks for tuning in…

Valerie MacEwan

CL Bledsoe


Anne Anthony to lead session at NC Writer’s Network Spring Conference

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature contributor Anne Anthony will lead the session “How to Start Submitting” at the North Carolina Writers’ Network 2018 Spring Conference.
Click here for full details on the NCWN 2018 Spring Conference.
Anne Anthony lives in North Carolina and works as a full-time writer. She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. She’s been published in the North Carolina Literary Review, Dead Mule School for Southern Literature, Poetry South, Tell Us a Story, The Mused Literary Review, and elsewhere. In 2017, she was a cast member in the farewell performance of the Raleigh-Durham show Listen to Your Mother,in which she read her essay “In My Bones.” Her flash fiction, “Bathroom Break,” placed third in a Brilliant Flash Fiction themed contest. She is the co-editor of an anthology of flash fiction intended for readers with memory impairments, The Collection: Flash Fiction for Flash Memory (March, 2018). Visit the author at http://anneanthony.weebly.com.
At the NCWN 2018 Spring Conference, Anne will lead “How to Start Submitting.”
You’ve worked hard. First draft. Edits. Reviews. More edits. Second and third and more-than-you-can-count drafts. You’re ready to publish your short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction essays or poems. Now all you have left to do is submit your work to journals or magazines. Simple, right? In today’s ever-changing publication landscape, figuring out where and how to send your work can be confusing and overwhelming. This workshop covers the submissions process from beginning to end with the overall goal towards publication.
The North Carolina Writers’ Network 2018 Spring Conference is a full day of workshops and sessions on the craft and business of writing. Around 125 writers will gather for classes and programming that includes faculty readings, open mics, Slush Pile Live! and more. 2018 NC Literary Hall of Fame inductee Jill McCorkle will give the Keynote Address.

The February 2018 Mule

Welcome to the new Mule. We are so all fired up glad to have you with us this month. The writing? Superb. We have a wide range of delicacies for you to peruse this month. Essays, memoirs, fiction and more. The photos are of Hyde County, NC (USA). The land less traveled. Lake Mattamuskeet and Fairfield, NC. Enjoy!

Without further delay, read on, dear ones, read on!

Happy New Year to our Mule Readers

This year, 2018 (duh) promises to be an extraordinary one for the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. We’re seeing many of our promising talented writers turn into NOVELISTS right before our very eyes. Look forward to book reviews and notices throughout the coming year. Our 21st year, I might add.

If you too have a book due to come out in 2018 (like our dear Claire Fullerton does) please let us know so we can post a blurb or a review. We’re so very proud of all of you.

It seems as if April is shaping up to be poetry month again. Look forward to some find verse every month, but especially in April.

That’s about it for now. Ya’ll have a good new year start and may this weather continue to thaw over the next few days. We of the “100+ year old southern house” salute the snow but will be most grateful when it goes into the ground from whence cometh all good things… or something like that. Right now, we just want our pipes to thaw so we can shower in our own bathroom and not borrow our daughter’s shower and tub. But the toilet never froze, so that’s proof of some divine intervention, if you ask me.

Valerie MacEwan