Memoirs on the Dead Mule

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The Dead Mule speaks in many voices. Mule Essays lead the mind into myriad swamps of distant memories or new ideas covered in eloquent jargon and folksy rough and rowdy ways. We’ve decided to featureRead more

New Editors Chosen for the Dead Mule

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Our new Poetry Editor is … drum roll please

Denise K. James.

Read her 2012 poetry on the Mule by clicking here.Read more

September Fiction and All

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One week left before the Dead Mule publishes its October 2016 issue. Get your fill of September this week and enjoy the heck out of the writing. It’s damn skippy good. Look forward to new works on Oct 1.Read more

New Fiction and Essays for August 2016

We’ve got some damn fine fiction here for August. Sit back and read for a spell. You know, been thinking about sitting a spell — a spell — so many meanings and we take wordsRead more

Mule writer Kevin Winter publishes book of Short Stories

Check out Kevin Winter’s new short story collection “A Place We All Know: A Collection of Short Stories” Read more

Pyramid Schemes and Multi-Level Marketing

Testimony on “Oversight of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement” Read the entire testimony by clicking on the title.

Andrew Ceresney, Director Division of Enforcement

March 19, 2015

Read more

What is the south coming to?

We love the South. (Buy a Mule T-shirt) We appreciate all the quirks, follies, and faults that have brought the region to where it is today. If our beloved “below the Mason-Dixon Line” self  gives way to the influences of a status quo world which requires all people to be of one idea — to walk in lock-step with all others — we cease to be The South.Read more

Hey yall, we’re still here…

The Mule is still kicking but she’s a bit stable weary this month. We’re restoring databases from 2007 and then grabbing the 1990s files, making a great mix tape for our girlfriends, and we’ll even work on 2000-2006. Meanwhile, work continues on everything Mule-related when time allows.Read more

Made it through the holidays …

I find more and more that the stories surround, and revolve around, the joys that are grand-kids. Having six of said creatures I have plenty of raw material to choose from. I also congratulate myself on not killing their mothers when they were teenagers, although I was sorely tempted at times. Read more

Photographs for November 2013

This month’s photos come from the Library of Congress. They belong to you and me. While many of us take our own photos of the South, those available from the archives of Our Library speakRead more

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