Phoebe Kate Foster: Metropolitan Life

Ms. Foster was the fiction editor of the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature for over 15 years. Her tireless dedication to good fiction made her a cherished resource. We miss her daily. This storyRead more

Cecil Geary: The End of the Pier (short fiction)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was raised in central Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southern California. We moved to California when I was twelve years old. The End of the Pier It was still dark when we startedRead more

C.L. Bledsoe: Sorry You Are Not an Instant Winner (chapbook review)

sorry you are not an instant winner, by Doritt Carroll. Kattywompus Press, 2017. $12. Reviewed by CL Bledsoe   The poems in Carroll’s chapbook are stripped-down narratives, eschewing punctuation or capitalization, in a style somewhatRead more

Joan Baker: The Burial (memoir)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: This is a story about New York Yankee children listening to their Southern parents’ same old argument about their burial sites in the South. As you say, the South has all answers toRead more

Amanda Pugh: It’s a Southern Thing (memoir – festivals)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I am as Southern as grits, biscuits, and gravy, having the double blessing of being brought into this world in the great state of Georgia (Atlanta to be precise) and having my raisingRead more

Nina Fosati: You Got to Throw the Little Ones Back (flash fiction)

Southern Legitimacy Statement We’ve got Texas relatives who, for years, have told us we have to move to the land of living large. I witnessed the following exchange at the Houston airport. You Got toRead more

Sarah Canterbury: The Books I Never Read (Memoir)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born in wildly wonderful state of West Virginia and have appreciated being uniquely southern my entire life. From music to food West Virginia is rich with Southern culture. The Books IRead more

Mary Wiygul: Life Lessons (memoir)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born in Panola County, Mississippi, (where SEC affiliations are handed out as birthrights) to parents from towns named Tocowa and Blackjack. They decided to split the difference and raise meRead more

Diane Payne: The Family Mantra (memoirs)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I’ve lived in Arkansas over 15 years, so I’m feeling Southern. The Family Mantra My father bawled one night, wailed just like the pansy he said my brother was when he cried. HeRead more

Christopher Forrest: Bullet Holes and Grief (a poem)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Vanceboro tobacco made it possible for me to internet you these poems. So cheers to generations that burned trash, gave scraps to dogs, sang Friday night gospel at Dudley’s Crossroads, and myRead more

Tom Sheehan: Two Poems

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I have read, visited in NC and worked in Tennessee. Ed. note: Mr. Sheehan is a frequent Mule contributor and one of our favorite writers. Please welcome him back to the Mule forRead more

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