James A. Autrey: The Lord’s Work

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and due to the divorce of my parents, went back and forth between there and Benton County, Mississippi which, at the time, was the 36th poorest countyRead more

Calvin Heyward: “I Captured the World in Mason Jars while drinking from Scooby Doo Jelly Jars …”

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Southern Legitimacy Statement: My southern roots are sown in the coastal island of St. John’s, just off of the beautiful peninsula known as Charleston, South Carolina. Though born in Harlem, New York – Charleston isRead more

Tom Sheehan: Letter To My Sweet-Smelling Woman Waiting

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When asked to read to celebrate my new book of memoirs, I let the audience enter the cubicle from where the work came. I told them: I’ll celebrate with you by telling you what IRead more

Stephen Harris: Stronger than Breath

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Southern Legitimacy Statement:  Stephen Harris is from Cayce, SC and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. He eats a biscuit for breakfast every Friday because he used to eat a biscuit for breakfast everyday. He justRead more

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