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2005-2006 Dead Mule




In 2005, the Mule took a sabbatical. Yes, mules need time off to do research just like the rest of you scholars. Mule academia is a cherished tradition of excellence and fortitude and stubborn determination. So the pickings here are scant.
*Navigation hint: Don’t get too frustrated. The stuff’s here, think of it as Mule Sudoku. You’ll get all of the stories into the box once you figure out the order. Old Mule pages do not have, for example, deadmule.com/fiction URLs. 2006 Mule pages have URLs more in the deadmule.com/content/?cat=1 type of look.
This page gets you pretty much nowhere: http://www.deadmule.com/content/?page_id=2 yet this page http://www.deadmule.com/content/2005/10/01/dale-aint-dead-and-elvis-aint-either/ will take you somewhere.
Mule Reprise files from 1998 and more are here: http://www.deadmule.com/dead-mule-pre-2000/ but the links on each individual page leading off of that main page are fubarred.

Have fun, ya’ll.


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