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1996-2016 April
it’s just a wonderful month
and not at all the cruelest

Jack Niven

Check out our first Tribute To One of the Dead Mule’s Finest,
which we know you’ll agree has to be For and About Helen Losse.

Those Mules above?

Jack Niven’s genius, just gotta’ let it grace out cover once more.

Brilliant …

More about this here literary journal:

We’re pretty pleased with ourselves, yes we are, that we’ve been online for TWENTY years. We’d would love it if you would join us in our celebration by sending us a bit of your writing to grace our hallways. Just like Miss Edna Tischner, our very first kindergarten teacher, we will tape the student’s work on the wall along the hallway. For the first Open House, we’ll post Poetry, Fiction, and Essays on the wall just to the left of the library door.

The school building itself, as you can see, fell into a state of disrepair way back around, oh, 1875 or so, but hell, Miss Lucy Flatterbanks kept it open as long as the Colonel’s money held out. Her grandaddy was a Colonel in the War of 1812, you see. Not that “other war”. The School languished for many decades as a literary academy with hardly any faculty and a decidedly not rigorous course of study for its many lackluster students. Oh my, Miss Val, but you do go on…

The Reunion for Graduates and All Friends Under Consideration shall be held sometime next year. Right now, you are here with us and for that we are grateful. Thankful. Amen.

If any dogs manifests too great a regard for the enclosed carcass, shoot them on the spot.
–adapted from a 1895 treatise on manure

This Mule ain’t dead, yall. She’s kicking and jumping…


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